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Some things are just sitting there, minding their own business, waiting to be discovered. Like America. And other things are probably better off left aloneNine-year-old Bruno has a lot of things on his mind. Who is the Fury? Why did he make them leave their nice home in Berlin to go to Out-With ? And who are all the sad people in striped pyjamas on the other side of the fence? The grown-ups wont explain so Bruno decides there is only one thing for it - he will have to explore this place alone. What he discovers is a new friend. A boy with the very same birthday. A boy in striped pyjamas. But why cant they ever play together?BACKSTORY: Read an interview with the author JOHN BOYNE and learn all about the Second World War in Germany.



ISBN 9780099572862
AUTOR John Boyne
DATEINAME The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.pdf

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