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Oeuvres Scientifiques - Collected Papers I PDF

From the reviews:…All of Weil’s works except for books and lecture notes are compiled here, in strict chronological order for easy reference.But the value … goes beyond the convenience of easy reference and accessibility. In the first place, these volumes contain several essays, letters, and addresses which were either published in obscure places (…) or not published at all. Even more valuable are the lengthy commentaries on many of the articles, written by Weil himself. These remarks serve as a guide, helping the reader place the papers in their proper context. Moreover, we have the rare opportunity of seeing a great mathematician in his later life reflecting on the development of his ideas and those of his contemporaries at various stages of his career.The sheer number of mathematical papers of fundamental significance would earn Weil’s Collected Papers a place in the library of a mathematician with an interest in number theory, algebraic geometry, representations theory, or related areas. The additional import of the mathematical history and culture in these volumes makes them even more essential. Neal Koblitz in Mathematical Reviews …André Weil’s mathematical work has deeply influenced the mathematics of the twentieth century and the monumental (...) Collected papers emphasize this influence. O. Fomenko in Zentralblatt der Mathematik   Also available:Volume II (1951-1964) ISBN 978-3-540-87735-6Volume III (1964-1978) ISBN 978-3-540-87737-0



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1Some papers not included in the volume were confiscated by the Secret Police in. September 1988 ... [10] W. Sierpinski - Oeuvres choisiers - Tome I, Warszawa, 1974-1976. ... equations and systems”, Ed. Scientifique, Casablanca, 1984.