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Discover the Japanese philosophy that can help you make incremental changes to your everyday habits.Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which literally translates as good? (kai) change? (zen). The focus is on having patience, shaping solutions for yourself rather than following others and not giving up when things arent working.This beautifully illustrated and photographed book offers a way to build good habits and remove bad ones without being too hard on yourself along the way. Rather than being critical of your faults, the emphasis is on mindful, positive change. Well-known in the business and sports worlds as a method for making incremental gains, Kaizen is also a wonderful tool for slowly improving aspects of your life, without feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the challenge.In Kaizen, Sarah Harvey brings you a personalized and flexible approach to change that you can apply to any area of your life (whether it is health, relationships, money, career, habits, new hobbies or general wellbeing). You can adapt it to suit working style, preferences and personality. Every persons experience of Kaizen will be different, which is what makes it such an effective tool for positive change.



ISBN 9781529005356
AUTOR Sarah Harvey
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Kaizen means continuous improvement. This course merges both philosophies. Lean Kaizen helps you get rid of waste and continuously implement best practices ... Kaizen is the Japanese word for Continuous Improvement - a series of ongoing incremental improvements by teams focusing on eliminating all forms of waste ...