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Confidence by Henry James, Fiction, Literary PDF

There were two old inns at Siena, both of them very shabby and very dirty. The one at which Longueville had taken up his abode was entered by a dark, pestiferous archway, surmounted by a sign which at a distance might have been read by the travelers as the Dantean injunction to renounce all hope. The other was not far off, and the day after his arrival, as he passed it, he saw two ladies going in who evidently belonged to the large fraternity of Anglo-Saxon tourists, and one of whom was young and carried herself very well. Longueville had his share -- or more than his share -- of gallantry, and this incident awakened a regret. If he had gone to the other inn he might have had charming company: at his own establishment there was no one but an aesthetic German who smoked bad tobacco in the dining room.



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AUTOR Henry James
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The definitive collection of full-cast BBC radio dramatisations of Henry James' classic novels – plus a bonus documentary about his life and work ... Archer longs for freedom in The Portrait of a Lady; while a literary editor insinuates himself into ... He continued his prodigious output of short stories and novels including Roderick Hudson (1875), The American (1877), The Europeans (1878), Confidence (1879)  ...