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Collins First English Words is the perfect first dictionary for kindergarten-aged learners of English. Packed full of fun and useful everyday vocabulary, this beautifully illustrated dictionary will capture the imagination of young children and encourage a love for learning English.The dictionary contains 36 themes, each fully illustrated with fun and engaging scenarios. Three characters, Ben, Daisy and Keekee the monkey, guide the children through their daily lives and introduce them to the 300 English words young children need to learn.There are songs and games for every theme for children to engage with. Collins First English Words aims to make learning English fun



ISBN 9780007431571
AUTOR Karen Jamieson
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First English Words Teacher’s Book Authors: Hans Mol and Niki Joseph An essential guide for teachers using the First English Words vocabulary book and Activity Books in their classroom. Engaging lesson plans based around topics from First English Words Information on teaching young learners, and techniques for building your own lesson plans Collins First English Words - Collins Collins First English Words. Collins First English Wordsは、幼稚園レベルの年齢層が最初に手にするのに完ぺきな辞書です。楽しく便利な日常的な語彙で満載の、この美しく図解された辞書は若年層の想像力を掴み、英語を学ぶことへの愛着を高めます。